community projects

On January the 7th 2020 I had a meeting with Conlan, the founder of, about participating in their genesis piece called ‘First Supper’. Together with Alotta Money, Blackboxdotart, Coldie, Connie Digital, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, Matt Kane, Mlibty, Shortcut, TwistedVacancy, VansDesign, and XCOPY we wrote crypto art history. 

After this first collaboration I saw a huge opportunities for more collabs like this. 
With The Guild I’ve lead few beautiful collaborations together with a team of powerful builders. <<<MORE INFO about The Guild >>>

'Dream Recorder' - Music Blueprint by The Guild at 2022
'Cyber Watch' by The Guild on Async 2021
'Mariupol' -by The Guild + pn Async 2022
'Zero 0x' by The Guild on Async 2021
'Dawn of Eternal Spirits' by ArteMeta+TheGuild on Async 2022

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