‘A Reminder to stay in Touch’
Closed – April 1ste.
26 Collectors

Arpanet’s Firewall
Closed – April 10th
11 Collectors

Jesus don’t want me for a Sunbeam’
Closed April 17th

17 collectors

Artificial Intimacy is about human shapes in personal poses binding together in a virtual setting. It refers to our changing interaction with each other in the digital age. In a society saturated with AI, we need to reevaluate our human nature. Artificial Intimacy is a collection spread over multiple chains. There are only 18 one-of-one's inscribed on Bitcoin, a collection catalog will be minted on TEZ and some pieces are minted on ETH. The collected animated GIFs, minted as OE on Manifold, will form the whitelist for later drops, and for collectors who are interested in buying the Ordinals on Generative.XYZ in May 2023


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