My work exists both online and offline. It contains oil paintings, drawings and digital collages. My body of work is ever growing. I cut, paste and reassemble. All is reusable and everything is entangled. It’s all part of the puzzle. Working this way gives me an array of opportunities to make new art.

Since the beginning of 2020 I’m part of
Asynchronous Art is an experimental art movement born out of the question “what does art look like when it can be programmed?” The latest advancement in the art space has been the ability to tokenize and sell art online using Ethereum. Although this has been an amazing first step, it still mimics how the physical world operates. What if art could evolve over time, react to its owners, or pull data from the outside world? It’s time to find out what’s possible when modern art takes full advantage of the digital medium.

These GIF Animations and other derivative Artworks can be bought in Crypto (Ethereum) and stored in your own wallet or on the site of You can become a collector of digital artworks which can be traded back and forth just like physical artworks you’re used to hang on your wall.

Crypto / Blockchain / Art = Digital Collectable!