What is SuperRare?

SuperRare is a marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist in the network, and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade.

You can think of SuperRare like Instagram meets Robinhood. A new way to interact with art, culture, and collecting on the internet!

What is CryptoArt and how is it valuable?

Each artwork on SuperRare is a digital collectible– a digital object secured by cryptography and tracked on the blockchain. That’s just a fancy way of saying they’re provably scarce items that can be collected, and that hold value just like cryptocurrencies like ether and bitcoin.




‘Karakter 14’

Edition 1 of 1

#14 in the Karakter-Serie.
Who knows where time may
flow. Excalibur will keep
you company.


What is Async.Art?

Async Art is a new art movement built on the blockchain. Create, collect, and trade programmable art: digital paintings split into “Layers”, which you can use to affect the overall image.

Art that can evolve over time, react to its owners, or follow a stock price is now all possible with programmable art.

Launched in February 2020, there has already been over $500,000 exchanged on the platform and over $240,000 in artist sales.





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Updates twice a day at 6am and 6pm based on the timezone set by “Day / Night Coordinates” Layer owner.


Day vs. Night. Daytime is for work and reality. Nighttime is for dreaming. Or for play. Or chaos. I give the owners full control over the night layers to play around with the layers that are bound to their responsibilities during the daytime can go wild during the night. But during the day, all will become caught in the rhythm of our daily routine with only little room to move. This is programmed in. We are Paranoid Androids.

What is MakersPlace?

‘Empowering the World’s Digital Creators

At MakersPlace, our mission is to enable a vibrant and sustainable future for digital creativity, and it starts by empowering the world’s digital creators. We provide creators with the ability to protect and sell authentic and unique editions of their digital creations. We connect creators with fans and collectors worldwide through our marketplace and network of partners.

Our team is founded by a passionate group of veteran technologists and creators who’ve seen first hand the inequality in the immense value created by digital creators, and what they actually make. Our goal is to change that.’


Link : MakersPlace

Rutger van der Tas @ MakersPlace


The Golden Memomry Project is my first project on MakersPlace. 
I cover existing paintings with a layer ‘GOLD’, scan those in High Resolution, tokenize the scans to make them Digital Memories. After this process I have sprayed them over again in a gradient of colors. Now the Golden Memories only exist online. And the paintings can live on to collect more data. And become something else. 

 What is RARIBLE?
The first community-owned #NFT marketplace. Create and sell digital items secured with #blockchain. I: instagram.com/rariblecom D: discord.gg/hwy5hQz



‘Losing Control’

Edition 15/15
 0.10 ETH.

Mind Blowing. Trying to Control the Control Freak. Skull & Bones in Pearly Colors. Loving it. I’ve wrapped 3D form in 2D paintings. One who knows my work might recognize it…

Losing Control