Day : Night                              Digital Collectible NFT             

Day : Night contains 6 layers. Depending on the preset location coordinates it’s day or night. I’ve chosen Sutter’s Mill ( as the first location. It’s up to the next owner of the layer : Day / Night Coordinates, to pick the next spot. If at all the collector wants to change this.

Each layer contains 2 images. A Day and a Night image.

Layer : Skeleton:


Layer : 3 Heads

Layer : Floating Head

Layer : Mary

Layer : Portrait.

Layer : Day / Night Coordinates/

The ‘Day’ layers are not able to move a lot, since they’re tied to a schedule we call our ‘daily routine’. But during the ‘Night’ the layers are ‘free’ to move around the canvas.

An example of the layer abilities is show below.

As you can see below, the adjustments during the day are minimal and greater during the night.

The images used are mostly pieces of portraits I’ve painted. Some of these paintings don’t exist anymore. Sometimes only fragments remain on the wooden panel because I’ve painted it over.

Everything I make in my studio can be used for my work online. In fact, I find it more and more a necessity to generate my own offline content in order to use it in my digital work. The handcraft of painting and drawing adds value to my work online. To me they’re both equally important.


Many thanks to the team of for the support, the hard work they put in the platform and supporting the artists. And for giving me the opportunity to create new art in new ways in this new age.

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