Before explaining this project I want to say that the first image I’ve painted on the panel is one of a female in labor. I’ve found their footage on Youtube. They mark the beginning of the work.
With the project ‘Collecting Data’ I will keep working on different panels. I will make HQ scans, collect memories, of every phase. While the paintings gain weight in different ways they also produce data. These scans, are data. A scan can serve different purposes. First off all it’s a digital presentation of the physical painting at that time. Secondly, I can connect it to a smart-contract at, set a price and put it up for sale as a digital collectable on the blockchain. Thirdly, the scans enable me to make variaties of the work. I can make parts move, and tell new stories. Fourthly, when the time comes, I can show the ‘history’ or ‘The Making Of’ of the paintings too by printing the scans and show them together. 

You can find my Digital Collectables on my profile @

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